The New Orleans Saints Hubert Plan a 2009 March to Victory

This statement deals with the pain and tribulations of spiritual people from the beginning of the Day of the Lord. Fires of refinement in the literal sense refer to the Saint Hubert Medals times when they were executed for their faith and their search for truth was hampered by the darkness of lies that dominate religious tenets. Each time this happened their spirituality was tested. Many died proclaiming their link to God is real and this flew in the face of those who followed man-made gods and belief systems.

The problem with humans is that most think that if they want something to be then all they have to do is make a lot of noise about it, build images and erect premises that speak of their power, and make themselves great through accumulation of money, medals, winning wars, and becoming socially more acceptable than others.

These things are anti-spirit Saints Hubert because the real God has no buildings, show, wars and certainly requires no money. To be greater than the next guy is not in the agenda of anyone seeking the truth. What they are experiencing in this time is genuine inner warmth that connects them to the power in a way that others cannot accept or explain. It is a feeling of peace, love, and companionship with something beyond this world.

Dying through religious executions because of this inner feeling was not that painful. The Spirit within was quick to preserve those who experienced it. They didn’t die and go away but were returned in a new body to repeat their trials and do it all again. They became the dreaded witches and those who were burned alive during the Inquisitions. They died on battlefields when ordered to take up arms against others. They suffered from diseases inflicted on them through rape and other things.

As they died in foreign lands Saints Hubert so they were seeded in all nations and throughout the world. Now it is a global phenomenon that people are returning to the Spirit as it reclaims them. Even some in jungle situations and places where religion has never been heard of they are coming forward.

While their jailers and executioners are dressed in strange costumes, have massive buildings of power, display icons and idols throughout, and pray to the dead as if they are alive, God is now going to punish them in a way they never dreamed. The world is coming to its end as promised in the Old Testament prophecies and the retribution for all they have done is about to hit them.