Speakers – How They Function and what they do

Following the positive response to the article on power capacitors has been numerous inquiries for an essay about speakers and what ones are the most effective and also what to consider when choosing the right best speakers for your car audio system. Therefore, if you’d like to understand the fundamentals of making a car stereo system that’s so amazing that it’s almost as if Linkin Park are rocking out in your backseat as Jay Z is sitting next to you, telling you about his 99 issues You should take a look… only my two points best 6×9 speakers for bass


The speakers (drivers) are an essential component of audio systems in cars. They are responsible for converting the audio from the electrical source to be audible. They operate by generating vibrations in an air mass around the speakers once an electrical current flows through them. This is why it’s crucial to select the highest quality speakers your budget can allow. This will give you an feeling as if you were in a live concert venue and the person right next to you singing live!

Speakers with different types

There are typically four types of car speakers. audio setups. To reproduce the lower end of the spectrum, subwoofers as well as mid-bass drivers are utilized. The middle of the spectrum is covered by mid-range drivers, while the top end of the spectrum is handled by tweeters. There are speakers like 6×9’s which can produce an even wider range of sound than a midrange driver for instance, and the design of the speaker differs in accordance with the purpose of the use.


Tweeters play high frequencies of the spectrum. Because of the design of the speaker it is either an inline capacitor or a crossover can be employed to filter sound to ensure that only the frequencies the tweeter was designed to play are transmitted through the speakers. The crossover could also help in reducing the damage to the tweeter in addition to increasing the effectiveness that the speakers can provide. In my vehicle, I decided to install a different pair of GTO-18T JBL tweeters which are directly connected to on the unit’s head. This is to help in my goal of creating an enthralling sound in my car rather than simply audio coming through the speaker.

Midrange speaker

The midrange is an essential component of any automobile audio set-up. It is theoretically possible to operate a car audio system with only midrange speakers, but for those who wants to reproduce sound at an extremely high quality, it’s unheard of. Midrange speakers are available in a range of dimensions to suit the various doors. Contrary to subwoofers, for instance they are capable of running directly from the head unit, however it is typical to notice that when your head unit has been set too high, distortion could be felt (clipping). This is the reason why many opt to install an amplifier to boost the sound delivered to the midrange speakers , so that, at higher volumes an improved signal is being transmitted through the speaker. Some will also opt to utilize a crossover system to restrict the frequencies that can be amplified by the speaker in mid-range. There are two kinds of midrange speakers, coaxial and coaxial. The main difference between coaxial and component speakers is in the design. With a pair or component speakers and the tweeter, it is separate from the main driver, whereas with a coaxial it is designed to be that of a complete design. The difference lies in the kind of sound generated. Because coaxial speakers are together, sound is produced from one place and is produced by component speakers. However, with the component speakers that have a separate tweeter, so it can produce a more immersive sound. Due to the advantages offered by a set of component speakers inside my automobile, I’ve selected to install a set of JBL component speakers as’front speakers’ along with two pairs of JBL coaxial speakers to act as rear speakers’, even though are both installed inside the door. The reason behind this is because my car from the factory, only has two speakers, one inside each door. It was a dilemma of how planning to achieve an immersive sound. In order to achieve this, it was essential to have an additional pair of speakers that would act as the’rear’ speaker. This is the reason I decided to install a set of coaxial speakers as the rear speakers as well as the set of components for the front speakers. The goal of this setup is to get surround sound system inside the car with the same conditions. I was working with, I’m quite satisfied with the output of the system in general.


Mid bass drivers generate frequencies between subwoofers and midrange speakers. Many people believe that they’re not an essential component of an audio system, while some are adamant about their use. For simple systems, the mid-bass driver is a crucial instrument if you are trying to improve clarity over volume because, again it is a way of creating a sound spectrum that is separated more than the other components to ensure that fidelity can be improved. In my case I considered not using mid bass drivers that are purely for dude to fit into the limited space of my car project.


Subwoofers are available in a range of sizes, typically 8 10 12, 15 as well as 18 inches. They’re utilized to generate the low-frequency. Nearly all subwoofers have an amplifier due to their requirement for high power. However, a small number of subwoofers and head units made by pioneer can work without the aid of an amplifier. Certain subwoofers require enclosures that could be a vented or sealed enclosure, with some subwoofers air-free, i.e. they work without the need for enclosures, however they will need more energy than a subwoofer with equivalent output that requires an enclosure. Free-to-air bass subs have been critiqued by a number of people who have a bass produced isn’t at the same level or quality, even though they’re rated at the same volume. There are active bass boxes in which the amp, subwoofer , and the enclosure are all integrated together, but they are, in general, likely to have lower output of power than say an amp and subwoofer that are separate. This is one reason that many opt for an enclosure-type subwoofer. A port will alter the kind of bass created. When a port is present, many users find more bass (as the subwoofer moves in a tune port) ), however , there is less definition of the bass. In a sealed enclosure, nevertheless, the sound is described as more of a tinier sounding bass since the air is moved within the box. However, sealing an enclosure can also place greater strain on the subwoofer because of the pressure levels built-up within the enclosure.

When I was researching my new enclosure, I realized that the dimensions of the enclosure can make an enormous difference. After deciding on to go with the Kicker L7, I had two possibilities for my enclosure to either go with sealed boxes which is very compact (the advantage is also to reduce space) or to go with a port box, then the dimensions will be larger and the impact of the bass would differ as higher pressure levels can be created within the car by using an open-slot ported box that’s why I picked the portable box.

Power ratings

The power ratings define the amount of capacity each component can manage at a constant rate and maximum. For instance, a stereo could have a maximum power of 135w and a rating of RMS 45W. The RMS shown is the highest amount of power that could be run without causing harm to the part and the maximum is the power the unit can handle over a brief duration. This is the reason it is crucial to make sure that the components aren’t supplying excessive power. The majority of head units can be competent of producing 50Wx4 at maximum but some amplifiers can produce 50Wx4 RMS and up. When I set up my setup, I looked to a system that can produce 50Wx4 RMS. I thought this would produce an amplifier that was small enough in addition to giving me the midrange punch I wanted.

Other speakers

The majority of speakers are circular shape. There are however speakers that are available in different sizes and shapes. For instance, in recent times companies like Kicker as well as Sony have introduced subwoofers with a different dimensions from the conventional round subwoofer. Also, there are oblong-shaped speakers like the well-known 6×9’s, and also 5×7 and 4×6.

Tweeters are also known as super-tweeters. They’re like tweeters in they generate higher-frequency frequencies but are have frequencies that exceed those of traditional tweeters. Bullet tweeters are an instance that is a super-tweeter. They are known as bullet tweeters because of their name. They typically work with an inline capacitor connected to the signal. Many people opt to install piezo-electric tweeters in their vehicles instead of traditional tweeters. The piezo electric tweeters as well as the bullet tweeters, are referred to as super-tweeters. They are picked because of their powerful rating and durability. They do not need any restrictions on the frequency that is being delivered to the components because of the manner in which they are made, and their high impedance functions as filtering. Many people find it difficult to hear the sounds they create isn’t the best quality. I’m not yet able to try the piezo tweeters on my system, but they are one of the components I’m looking to put in.


In the final analysis, it’s crucial to remember that if you’re seeking the full-bodied sound, you make sure that your system can reproduce the entire spectrum of sound, which will require the subwoofer to provide bass. Typically, most people will not bother with mid-bass drivers, and opt for midrange drivers and tweeters, which is enough to give an immersive sound. I personally own two Coaxial as well as component speakers for midrange, as well as a pair of tweeters that are bullet-shaped as well as a Kicker L7, the result of being able for me to smile on my face each time!