Solutions For The Energy Management System Problem In Electric Vehicle

With the definition of new energy policy and the investment on the study, the prospect of the electric vehicle is becoming prosperous and many corporations are entering this industry in recent years. The Shanghai expo also made the application of electric vehicle close with people; therefore, the popularization of this device is just around the corner. The customers must have so many questions about the popularization of the car, for example, have the technologies become mature? How long will it implement the industrialization? Actually, three main technologies have not been mature, and the problem of car energy management system needs to be solved.

Like the engine in the traditional car, the energy management system is the “heart” of electric vehicle and the only driving force. Its cost takes one-third of the entire cost. The EV technological level of the system influences the quality and safety of the device directly. The car power system is a huge battery pack which is consisted by hundreds of single battery, therefore, the identity and the proportionality of the battery is related to the service life and safety of the car. The car energy management system can monitor the situation of every battery to ensure the proportionality, so it is very important. The lithium battery has become the mainstream of storage battery. The traditional lead acid battery, which has 2V power, can be charged for one thousand times. But the cycle number will be less when the power is higher.

The aerobic lead acid battery implants the battery management chip in the traditional battery. The service life of the battery can be lengthened one to two times by the battery management, and its rate of recovery can also be improved. This technique has reduced the cost and also reduced the discharge of the lead element. It is also meaningful for the environmental protection. The related integrated circuit is

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