Removalists – 6 Packaging Tips For Removalist Containers

Moving house can be stressful.

Consider the materials that are required if you plan to “Owner Package” your shipment. You must ensure that you have the correct removalist boxes. There are many questions you might ask, such as: What kind of boxes do I require? Where can I find boxes How many boxes will you need and what price?

The Removalist box comes in many sizes and shapes. Each one is designed to safely transport a specific item. If you plan on packing your goods yourself, it is a good idea to hire a removalist company to help you source the proper materials. Heavy books or tools packed into standard-sized boxes can cause damage to the contents, or even injury to the person moving them. The best way to decide how many boxes and what type of items you need is to create a moving house checklist. You’ll also be able to understand what materials you need. The right materials will save you time, money, and both.

All materials and labour costs are included in a complete service from professional packing to unpacking boxes and delivering them to your destination. You will often find that the cost of hiring professional movers is much lower than you originally thought. You need to consider the cost and time required for packing and unpacking, and the possible damage to your belongings and family members. It is possible to be amazed at the cost of a complete service from door to doorstep. Transit insurance does NOT cover items that are “Owner Packed” for damage.

Expertly trained pack teams will make sure that all your belongings are securely and safely packed during a complete move. High-quality packaging materials are used and built for specific purposes. High-value products may require crating or packaging that is custom made. An on-site carpenter might be necessary to make the right solution.

Here are 6 tips for packaging:


  • Internationally, cushioned craftpaper can be used to wrap furniture pieces
  • Custom built crates for fragile and high value items ensure protection
  • Avoid the use or plastics on leather furniture.
  • Small Fragile Products
  • Individually wrap china and glassware, cushion them and carefully pack before shipment.
  • Large Fragile Items
  • Contoured packing is required for safer handling and more efficient loading
  • Customized crating can give you maximum protection.
  • You can also use corrugated and tissue bubble-wrap for added protection
  • Clothing
  • Use special lay-down cartons to save space and keep clothes flat.
  • Coats and suits can remain in place with a well-organized wardrobe.
  • Prior to packing, ensure that your clothes are dry and clean.
  • Audio Visual
  • Plasma and LCD screen protection is provided by purpose-made packaging.


  • Roll your rugs as much as possible.
  • Allow the rug to breathe by wrapping it with porous material
  • Use desiccant bags to keep carpets dry
  • Before packing, ensure your rugs are dry and clean.

Finding the right packaging materials and selecting the right boxes for your move is just the start. A reputable removal company will use industry-trained staff to safely transport your personal effects.