Property in Morocco – Guide to Buying Property in Morocco

Rich aromas of the spices,Guest Posting multihued cultures, lilting music, and an ambience of pleasing hospitality and warmness – Morocco seems like a blissful land stepped out of some fairy tale of Cinderella. Home to some amazing sights, Morocco lures millions of travellers to plan air travel and book flight tickets to this vivacious holiday destination. However, being a land of diverse cultures, traditions, customs and beliefs, travelling to Morocco becomes a bit tricky for the travellers at times.

While it may be easy to book cheap flights to Morocco, travellers Mount Toubkal 2 days hiking who are not aware of the basic do’s and don’ts while in Morocco might find it difficult to make the most of their Morocco holidays. Read on to know about some useful tips to relish rewarding and enjoyable holidays in Morocco.

Being an Arabian country, Morocco is very rigid for its customs and beliefs and do not accept any sort of disobedience from the outsiders. Having booked cheap flights to Morocco, travellers must heed these tips about all that is considered wrong in the eyes of Moroccans:

  • Ramadan is a significant festival of Morocco in which people are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in public. Therefore, travellers visiting Morocco during Ramadan must not indulge in any such pleasures of life in public and must limit them to their hotel rooms.
  • Visitors to Morocco must not offer alcohol to any Muslim unless they are sitting in a bar.
  • While going on an outdoor trip in the country, travellers must dress conservatively without flaunting the skin of their arms or legs. Swimsuits should be limited to beach areas or hotels’ pools only.
  • Do not hurt the religious sentiments of the locals of the country by doing anything offensive or unacceptable.
  • Travellers must avoid carrying excessive cash and valuables with them while going on outdoor tours in Morocco.
  • The travellers must take prior permission before taking pictures at any religious spot in the country. Moreover, taking pictures of the women folks of the country is highly intolerable and may lead the photographer into great troubles.
  • Morocco has zero tolerance for drugs and has severe penalties for suspects involved in any such cases. Therefore, travellers booking cheap flights to Morocco must not engage in any such cases.
  • It is advisable for those taking air travel to Morocco to avoid huge public gathering and processions.

The locals of Morocco are deeply rooted to their culture and tradition. They like the fact when travellers respect their religion and make efforts to follow them. If Moroccans take someone in their good-list, they leave no stone unturned in offering them the best hospitality and reception ever.

  • Learning a few Arabic words can be really helpful for the travellers in interacting and getting friendly to the locals of Morocco. Though most of the population of the country speaks French, but a “salam” (hello) can do wonders for sure.
  • While interacting with the locals, travellers may greet them with a handshake and welcoming inquiries about wellness, contentment and family chitchats.
  • While travelling in the country, travellers must keep a low profile to avoid catching too much of unnecessary attention.