How Do I Know If Someone is Monitoring Me to Know When I Am Online?

Digital monitoring is conducted through software installed on a PC. Such software can monitor what websites you visit, what programs you use, and how you use your webcam or microphone.

Digital monitoring may be hard to detect because the signs are not always obvious.

Nevertheless, there are a few indicators you should be on the lookout for. Here are some of them:


TCPView displays the active TCP/IP connections on your computer. If a remote user is connected to your computer, you can see the IP address and state of each connection. This is an excellent way to detect if someone is monitoring you while you are online. Once you’ve found the IP address, you can disable it in TCPView. However, it is important to note that these are fictitious IP addresses and no harmful activity was carried out.

Another method is to use a network monitoring tool. Similar to Process Explorer, TCPView will show you any processes that connect to a remote IP address. By selecting these processes, you can end them or close them. Additionally, you can do a quick Whois lookup using TCPView.

TCPView is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


To find out if someone is tracking you while you are online, use a free browser extension called Disconnect. It will display a list of websites that track your online activity and allow you to whitelist certain sites to avoid them. It will also show you which trackers are harmless and which are sensitive. Disconnect is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

You can also check the system logs to see if anything looks odd. If someone is using an administrator login or the system or backup login, then that person is probably monitoring your activity. If there is suspicious activity in the system logs, then you should shut down your web browser and investigate further. You can also find out if someone is using your computer to on you by finding out the source of this activity.

Privacy Badger

While you may be concerned about your significant other’s safety, you’re not the only one who may be watching their online behavior. You may be worried about confidential business information, credit card numbers, or even your own credit limit. No matter what your motives, there is a way to detect such activity. One way is to install cell phone spy apps for android software on your computer. Whether the software is free or paid, it has the ability to track your every move.

The first thing to do is to check if you have any computer monitoring software installed on your computer. Some employers will use spying software, which allows them to monitor your online activity. If you have the same question, the answer is a resounding “yes.” If you can find any monitoring software on your computer, the employer probably installed it. The software may be hidden in your system’s settings, but it will be difficult to spot without a professional spying program installed on your computer.

Government monitoring

These methods are excellent for spotting personal monitoring, but not so effective for government surveillance. In places where the internet is censored, your digital activity is likely to be recorded. However, protecting yourself from such monitoring is not impossible. Use a virtual private network like Tor to bypass internet restrictions. The main reason that governments and corporate administrators may monitor your PC activity is to track your internet usage and collect information about you.