Can you experience the true essence of Dubai on a budget?

Whenever you hear the name Dubai, the word luxurious automatically comes into mind. While it is true that this glamorous city is filled with a richness that you can not find anywhere else, it does not mean that you can not experience its high life on a budget. Travelling to VIP destinations is very much possible if you plan out smartly. In fact, most travellers only think of travelling to Dubai on a budget.

As the misconception that Dubai is only for the rich people is withering away, the tourist industry of this magnificent city is booming at a much faster pace than before. Considering this, now you can also find many luxurious residencies like Port De La Mer Apartments for sale in Dubai. Such strategies are being implemented by the governing authorities to attract backpackers from all around the world, showing them that they can explore this city on a budget without facing any problems.

If you are also looking forward to travelling to Dubai, but you are worried about the expenses, give the following guide a read.

How to fly to Dubai on a budget?

People who live in Asia are at a great benefit in this regard, as they are only a few hours away from the city of gold – Dubai. If you belong to India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan, you can catch a flight for Dubai at a range of $200-$250. Other than that, searching for low-cost airlines can save you from spending a substantial amount of money. However, the thing with cheap flights is that there is always something crazy going on with them, but the fact that they will land you in Dubai at a much affordable rate is worth it all.

Now, you might be thinking, what if you do not live near Dubai? Well, if that is the case, there are still high chances of catching a flight with low fare. Airlines like Emirates, Etihad, and FlyDubai are always offering promotional packages to travellers who want to visit Dubai on a budget. As these companies are based in Dubai, they are always trying to bring more, and more people to the city to boost their economy. You can grab many discounts from these airlines and enjoy an affordable flight.

How to find hotels in Dubai on a budget?

After catching a cheap flight to Dubai, you will be able to allocate a reasonable sum for your stay in the city. The hunt for inexpensive hotels in this striking city might feel like a challenging ordeal, but you can easily do it with only a little patience. Places like the Deira in Dubai are an exceptional choice for people running low on money but want to stay in a safe and satisfactory place. It is an Asian-Arabic neighbourhood, where you can find yourself a metro train anytime you want. Moreover, there are several affordable cafes and restaurants around this area, so you do not have to worry about spending money on expensive food. Additionally, Burj Khalifa is only 5 KM away from the Diera.

What are the things you can do in Dubai for free?

Many might feel shocked after hearing that you can do several things for free in Dubai. The key is to keep your mind open if you want to experience the true essence of this city on a budget. The Dubai Mall, which is the world’s biggest shopping mall, has no entry fee. Other than that, Burj e Khalifa that you will find right next to the grand mall is also free of cost to see and take a picture with. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the Dubai Fountain Show that takes place at 6 pm every day and goes on for 30 minutes in front of Burj e Khalifa, for free. Other scenic places like Dubai Creek Harbor and Blue Waters are also an excellent choice to spend a relaxing evening near the glimmering water without spending a penny.

There are also other budget-friendly ways available for people who want to stay in Dubai for a longer time. Options like District One Villas for Sale in Dubai can help you live in a posh apartment, without having to pay hefty prices for it.

Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to visit a lavish city, you can enjoy the beauty of Dubai, even with a strict and tight budget.