A Personal Safety Weapon To take into account: The Self-Protection Keychain

I utilize a generic expression, “Self-Defense Keychain,” to describe this gadget but you might have heard about it by extra well-liked, business names including “Kubaton” or “Persuader Keychain.” Since, “Kubaton” is the preferred, I am going to use that expression interchangeably with the a person I take advantage of.

The Kubaton is a light-weight-bodyweight steel,  acrylic keychainplastic or wood dowel. It can be about 5 inches extended and just one 50 percent inch in diameter. The shaft of this weapon is generally knurled or grooved to make sure that it does not slip in the hand. On a person conclusion from the Kubaton is a hoop or two holding a cluster of 10 to fifteen keys.

Recently, makers have tried to boost the Kubaton with sharpened ends, telescoping tubes, spikes, enclosed canisters of pepper spray and in some cases hidden knife blades. I will never enter into these added “bells and whistles” and may limit my suggestion to The fundamental design consisting of a shaft, essential rings and keys.


The self-defense keychain is discrete, unassuming, and handy to hold. If used correctly, it may possibly dramatically enhance the odds of surviving and escaping from a serious, life-threatening assault. I focus on the keychain throughout my self-defense seminars as it stands up nicely to your seven evaluation concerns.

I want to debate and provide specifics of the keychain but wait to produce blatant recommendations over it, or every other system or weapon. I feel that the choice about no matter if to hold a personal protection system, and which a person you have, is YOUR choice. I favor that you Assess and assess the “advantages and disadvantages” on your own. This article is To help you in that procedure process.


7 Analysis Queries

Should you missed the last issue with the Protective Approaches Self-Protection Newsletter (December 2000) I am going to evaluation the 7 Personal Protection Product Evaluation Issues:

1. Is it lawful?

2. Will I have it all the time?

three. Will it be immediately accessible when I need it?

4. Do I’ve legit self confidence in my capability to use it?

five. Can it be as successful as it’s been held out to get?

six. Could it be taken absent and employed on me?

seven. Am I physically, mentally and emotionally ready to utilize it?